Ancient War forged with no memory


Very simple in it’s features, T3-85 barely has any. Only really boasting a set of glowing eyes and a small line where a mouth might be this ancient robot is his own swiss army knife. Possessing multiple tools built within himself to accomplish a number of tasks. His intricate inner workings are an enigma to most tinkerers however it is clear he draws his power from the large turning clockwork key in his back. With a large chunk of his brain missing T3-85 will frequently spit sparks from the back of his head as he tries to access his memory bank, or make new memories.



His past is unknown however from his factory default ramblings it’s clear he was made to be an all purpose service and defense companion for wealthy family’s almost 4 centuries ago. He was found in a sealed box under a boiling spring, with two major battle injuries.


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