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Session 5
Dawn of the Great Rhino

The heroes awoke in the cavern they had last found themselves in. The cavern where they discovered T3-85 the clockwork warforged and where Their Guest adventurer fought off an army flixies sparring Gremlock the flixie king. The heroes moved deeper into the caves to find Caric's stolen knives and eventually stumbled into the heart of an ancient sleeping Myconid. Once they had regained their belongings and briefly stabbed Gremlock the Flixie king in the hand, Gillian decided to use the giant mushroom creature to the groups advantage. Brewing up some more of his experimental "steroids" the group crafted a GIANT syringe to administer the drug directly to the myconid's heart. Once doing so the creature sprang forth from the ground and began to run towards the eastern shore. Using all his might and animal handling skills Gillian managed to get the creature to turn around and cross the mountain range with ease leading them to Wayberry. Another province of Gran March. There the giant mushroom rooted itself to feed and rest, giving the group time to venture into the town. It was there that Caric waltzed into the middle of the outdoor town hall/judicial meeting concerning the city's problem with a wild and highly addictive drug known as "Rag". Stopping the preceding by walking into the center of the circle he demanded the attention of the court. Declaring the return of the litch, his new found empathy towards his friends and aspects of life he called a meeting outside the city that night at 12:00 sharp. For all those ready to do something about the state of the world. He then threw one of the Litch servant's daggers directly at the podium hitting it directly in the center of the city's symbol. He then walked to convine with the lord mayor and his court wizard.

Meanwhile, Gillian and Dahvlamin dealt with curious and frightened gaurdsmen approaching them to inquire about the Giant Mushroom they road into town. After proving to be… less than persuasive the gaurds took them into town for question. It was in there the two shared their knowledge of the return of Lektcore and got them a council with the lord mayor as well. 

Once united the Lord mayor spoke of how he could not aid in defense against the litch until the rag problem was cured. He also learned of Enstad's fate and how it was one his brother shared. Mourning the loss of his only brother, and the better leader of the two, he was met with Gillian's therapeutic counseling… 

"Hey man… it's… it's ok… you're doing pretty good" [CRIT-CAM instant playback]

after receiving such expert counsel his guilt and mourning were assuaged and he indirectly promised not to tell the guards of their next quest, to make, sell, and cure the drug "Rag". 

After traveling to the low district they eventually talked their way into an underground rag lab run by Roger and Ro-jo. two Rag-addicts and cooks helping to supply the cities habits. After learning to make the drug, Gillian made and sold his own batch to the whole town turning a hefty profit. Afterwards he then attempted to make an antidote version, which he sold for MORE profit, and which caused the users to bleed from the eyes and pass out. It is unclear if this had any effect other than that. Soon the Guards caught onto the setup and a getaway was made. After dodging the law the group met outside the wall for Caric's midnight meeting. It was here that he requested Dahvlamin to regale the rag-tag group of townsfolk with his tales of enslavement, oppression, and strife. The speech was moving, and brought even the badass and devilishly handsome DM to shed a tear. As he told of his time being enslaved by the evil bard Siloque, the group learned that there were MANY among the town who had been under her control. Each raising a fist to display the branding of a letter "S" on their wrists. The townspeople were moved, outraged by racism, and dedicated to bringing a new age to the Flanaess. An age of acceptance, peace, and mutual understanding. They chanted the Rhino's name and declared themselves "The Army of the Great Rhino". After this Gillian attempted to get their new Mushroom friend to return to where it came from, or just relocate somewhere away from the village. 

matt rolls 20 on animal handling 
Dan rolls 20 on the giant mushroom's obedience 
Mushroom decides to allow himself to be used as the groups new mobile headquarters

So now, with a giant Mushroom outfitted to be the ultimate base, a pissed off and injured Gremlock STILL HIDING SOMEWHERE IN THE MUSHROOM, a robot butler, and the promise of a new tomorrow, the group is now ready to take on it's next mission, and journey towards the lair of the litch in the Crystalmist mountains.   


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