T. Thornwallow

A master enchanter with ties to unknown magical forces.


5"11 Tiefling with long dark horns protruding from tufts of white hair that curl under his neck just above the shoulder. Small half moon glasses rest pensively on his crooked nose. His exact age is unknown but he looks to be a weathered 75. He usually wears a long dark blue robe with accents of gold around the collar and red ruby pendant on his neck.


His past is unknown. But you have discovered he was a premier professor of Enchantment at the college of magical arts and has written several texts on the subject. He also seems to have ties to the Mistwalkers, a strange death cult from eons past, and possibly even the dread litch Lektcore given his knowledge of his awakening. These are all but suspicions at this point, but regardless, T.Thornwallow has proven to be both a remarkable ally, or a potentially troublesome enemy.

T. Thornwallow

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