Welcome to the Flanaess! 

The magical and politically torn lands of Oerth. This campaign has been heavily adapted and altered by your DM to help translate this 3rd edition setting into the beauteous splendor that is 5e D&D. At the start of this adventure, during the final days of winter, 4 bizarre individuals were brought together in the prison of the city of Greyhawk.  A hulking humanoid Rhino possessing little belongings of his own, A mysterious hooded dark elf with little regard for human life and emotions, a strange otherworldly creature able to strike with mage like precision from any weapon, and a small forest gnome with a love of all things alchemical. Together these heroes will venture through the Flaeness until they deem their time together complete, or till the end of their natural lives. Whichever may come first. Welcome to Greyhawk, welcome to your world! 

Greyhawk Campaign

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